Sound Kalpa Mixing Service

Preparation for a mixing session:

Multitrack Audio Format - Wav Files 44100 or higher, preferred bit depth - 24 bits

Pro tools projects are acceptable

Audio tracks should include all creative equalization and compression, technical eq and compressors can be removed. If an audio track contains inserted reverbs - please provide two versions (one with reverb, another with by-passed plugin). Vocals should be edited rhythmically and melodically (if needed)

Every mixing session includes:

1. 3 revisions.

2. Exporting up to 5 mixed stems

3. Exporting one instrumental version

Additional service:

1. Editing and tuning tracks

2. Editing/changing individual tacks after the mixing session is over

3. Exporting additional stems (every track is bounced in real time from analog chain)

4. Exporting additional version (radio edit versions etc.)

Every mastering session includes 1 revision.

All additional service is charged per hour (50 euros/hour)