Mastering is the final stage of record processing. It's certainly more of a technical process but we see it as very creative and musical. What we love about it is how accurate, detailed and open music starts to sound after a proper "play" with frequencies and dynamics.

50€ / track (40€ starting from 4 tracks per session)
Stem analog summing and mastering - 120€ / track (the best way is to provide 5 stems: kick, other drums and percussions, basses, instruments and vocals)

Audio requirements Wav/aiff files 24 bits, 44100 and higher.

Every session includes 1 free revision.

Below you can hear how the audio is changed after mastering.
All tracks are mixed by Alex Shulga using hybrid analog/digital system.
We are happy to do up to 3 free revisions.

Our mixing rates are around 500€/track, the price can vary in both directions depending on number of tracks, a quality of recording and production, editing and export options etc.
We are always open to offer significant discounts to projects with relevant social massage or artists who share deep philosophical and spiritual values as we understand how
financially complicated this path can be.

Preparing the project for mixing
Multitrack audio format - wav/aiff 44100 and higher, 24bits
Pro Tools projects are accepted as well. Make sure all third party plugins are rendered.

All exported tracks should be in the same balance and panned as they are in your session. Please leave all your plugins except technical high-pass filters and effects on the stereo bus. It's better if tracks with inserted reverbs and delays are provided in both dry and wet versions.

Lets talk about your project.