mind-changing experience
through multidimensional 3D audio

For the last 7 years, we have been creating immersive Sound Kalpa sessions in different parts of the world, and now we are building our first spatial "sound theatre" in Sweden.

Everyone, who tried the sessions before, shared a profoundly evocative experience followed by psychological relief and lots of valuable insights. That is our inspiration.

This project entails collaborations with renowned composers and musicians. Additionally, the platform will host educational programs in immersive sound production & mixing.

To try Sound Kalpa sessions in Dolby Atmos (ADM BFW) or stereo formats, please download the files from here

To listen to a binaural version, please put on your headphones & press 'play' below.

Please close your eyes during listening.

Sound Theatre Room Setup
• top-grade Dolby Atmos audio setup with smart sound distribution system, delivering precise 3D object positioning to each seat
• individually
adaptive floating armchairs
• the sound theatre room becomes completely dark at the start of the session to spark a person's inner imagination "screen"

The dome will have two floors:

• the ground (sound theatre room, machine room, WC, closet)
• the top sphere-shaped floor will get a lot of light from large windows around. This area will serve as a relaxation zone before and after the sessions as well as a platform for creative workshops & lectures.

About us

  • Alex Shulga
    CEO & co-founder
    Sound producer, composer of Sound Kalpa, Atmos mixing engineer (Herbie Hancock, Esbjörn Svensson Trio, Marcus Miller, Dhafer Youssef, Rakesh Chaurasia etc.)
  • Alex Ruzh
    СMO & co-founder
    Serial entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience. Founder of memoryOS (#1 app in Kickstarter's history). Studied IT, Economics, Marketing and Business Management throughout School and University.
Genelec interview with Sound Kalpa
Step 1
Gothenburg, Sweden
• We are now building a prototype with an 11.1 Atmos setup to start small groups sessions
• studio-collaborations with composers and musicians.
• feedback collection for further development
• test pricing and user retention before scaling
Step 2
Kickstarter campaign to raise €1M+ offering exclusive & limited lifetime access cards to all future domes + lifetime subscribtion to Sound Kalpa app
Step 3
Opening the first Sound Kalpa Dome in Berlin

Step 4
• opening of Sound Kalpa Domes in London, Stockholm, Paris & Los Angeles.
• start franchising to expand into other cities
Since we started around 800 people have experienced Sound Kalpa sessions
Since we started around 800 people experienced Sound Kalpa sessions