Alex Shulga is a sound producer, mixing engineer and musician. Together with his wife Kate he runs Sound Kalpa studio where they share experience with other people as well as produce their own music.


Alex's professional career started at a small radio station. A couple of years later he became the chief sound engineer at the biggest analog studio in the country. Recording and mixing songs for top artists of the Eastern Europe gave Alex a lot of experience.
Soon he quitted the job and moved his studio to the countryside. Being inspired by the nature and spiritual experience, Alex together with his new team created the mobile app for multidimensional sound journeys (now available on AppStore under "Sun Kalpa"). One of the tracks was also used in a Volvo commercial.

Sound Kalpa studio was founded in 2016. For the first couple of years it functioned as a sound engineering and music production school based in Kyiv. After a while Alex and Kate moved to a small quiet town near the capital and have been enjoying peace, beautiful nature and inspiring atmosphere at their new studio since.

Jamala - All or Nothing LP
Recording & Mixing tracks 1, 3-10, 12
Suok - Lucky People (Single)
Mixing and mastering
Sergey Babkin - Sergevna
Recording & Mixing all tracks
Yuko - Ditch LP
Mixing tracks 1, 3-7
O - Samyi Sok EP
Mixing tracks 1-3, 5-6
Ivan Dorn - Collaba (Joss Remix)
Atomic Simao - Levitation Loom Four
Mixing track 3. Mastering all tracks
Constantine - Odin
Mixing tracks - 2-4, 6-8
Gorim - Burya EP
Jamala - Chomu (Single)
Mixing and mastering
Antonina Project LP
Production and mixing all tracks
Sun Kalpa application ( Appstore )
Production and mixing all tracks
Cloud Jam - In
Mixing tracks 2,3. Mastering all tracks
Core Yatis
Production and mixing all tracks
Joss - In my convertible
[О] - Машина (single)
Loboda - What About You ( Single )
Okean Elzy feat. Boombox - Ce zi mnoyu
GG - Ethno Energy EP
Mixing tracks 1, 3-7, 9
Tina Karol - Ya ne beru trubku (Single)
Tina Karol - Ya vse eshcho lublu (single)
Dibrova Uviju (Single)
Yuko Schebetuha EP
Mixing and mastering all tracks
Tonya Matvienko - Mavka (Single)
Recording & Mixing
Arsen Mirzoyan - Gudzyki
Mixing track 10
Arsen Mirzoyan - Nezruchni Lijka
Mixing tracks - 1-9
GG - Obruch (Single)
Mixing and mastering
Svyatoslav Vakarchuk - Brusel ( Live DVD )